When The Upstate Paving King Stopped In

From time to time, a famous celebrity or other well-known public official stops in and stays with us at the inn. It’s usually during a vacation, since there aren’t many businesses in the area. This past Tuesday, the owner of Perfect Pave stopped by! Now, if you don’t know Perfect Pave, you really need to check them out. Their asphalt paving franchise is national, but their main office is located in Albany, New York.

The owner has his team drove all the way up to the hotel to resurface our blacktop parking lot. He’s a family-friend, so we got a huge discount and were able to redo the entire parking lot area on the north and east sides of the inn. That’s a big deal for us because it’s a lot of money to lay new asphalt usually. And, we end up doing it every couple years because of the heavy traffic and weather we normally get. Perfect Pave is one of the best upstate paving and sealcoating companies in the northeast, so it’s wonderful to have them stay with us. I also can’t thank them enough for their great paving work. It’s not an attractant for our inn, but it is a necessary upkeep that we typically need every 2-3 years. In return, we offered a free 2-night stay for the entire staff any time they want, holiday or otherwise.

Some of the employees from Perfect Pave split their time between upstate New York and Florida. During the summer, they work in Albany handling paving and sealcoating work. Then, around October, they fly down to Florida to work for a Jacksonville concrete company repairing pool decks and installing decorative concrete. As far as I know, it’s a very lucrative gig that keeps you busy for the winter months. Between working with asphalt and concrete regularly, you’ll notice the quality of work is great. We’re very appreciative of that.

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